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What is International Headache Society ?

international professional organization of physicians and other health professionals and scientists interested...

Validity of the International Headache Society Criteria for Migraine

For general practitioners and in epidemiological studies, migraine poses diagnostic problems. It is a polymorphous disease, with diagnosis based...

Migraine headache symptoms

The International Headache Society’s landmark work on headache classification has allowed important advances in headache study, but is somewhat...

Treatment of Migraine Headaches

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International Headache Congress

The International Headache Congress is held every second year, organized and hosted on behalf of IHS by a member national society. Bids to hold the event are judged in competition by Council, four years before it takes place.

Electronic Medical Records

The International Headache Society recognise all benefits from the use of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) applications in providing them useful information in the everyday work and research ....

Medical Billing Software

The International Headache Society (IHS) is a charity organization founded in 1981 for people from all professions that are working to treat headache disorders.

A group of headache specialists from around the world, instituted a classification system for headache disorders which has become standard for headache diagnosis and clinical research.

The goal of treatment is to reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of a patient's migraine headaches. Choosing a preventive strategy or a pain-relieving strategy depends on the frequency and severity of the headaches, the degree of disability the headaches cause and other medical conditions.

Avoiding things that trigger migraine headaches can reduce the likelihood of experiencing them. Many migraine triggers have been recognized. They include: Food (Alcohol, Artificial sweeteners, Caffeine, Chocolate...), Life Factors (Allergies), Environmental factors (bright lights, smoke, strong odors) etc.